“One of the best things about John is his consistency. The man who shows up to interview for the job is the same man who shows up every day during construction. His character is of the highest quality and he never fails to do what he says. At Historical Concepts, not only do we respect John Bynum, we like him.”

– Jim Strickland, Founder Historical Concepts Architecture Firm

“As my wife and I contemplated a complete overhaul of our backyard, it seemed we had a vision that could not be clearly articulated to various contractors even with the appropriate architectural specifications. After multiple meetings and bids we eventually selected John Bynum Custom Homes. This selection is due in part to his ability to understand our vision of the project as well as his suggestions for improving upon the plan. John’s scope of work included two cedar patio pergola areas with decking, a fully enclosed outdoor kitchen, bathroom, outdoor fireplace structure and several hundred feet of retaining walls with columns. John and his team performed this scope of work in a flawless manner. We would highly recommend them for the most complex of projects and intend to use them in the future for additional remodels within our home.

It was a pleasure to work with John and his team!”

– John & Tammy Siemon

“My husband and I contracted with John Bynum Homes to handle a small remodeling project in North Cove that turned into a complete remodel. Our experience with John Bynum and his entire team was a great, John is very talented and his ability to be flexible with our remodel was wonderful. John’s company hand made all the cabinets for our bathroom, kitchen and office which turned out to be works of art.”

– Marcia Taylor

“Back in 2004, we were not looking for a new home but the home that John Bynum was building caught our attention. After working thru the details and experiencing John’s dedication, professionalism, and attention to details, we knew that we had made the right decision. Throughout the building process, John listened to our ideas and valued our opinions on our projects and we always knew John had our best interest in mind. Our home was completed and 4 years later when it came time to finish the basement, there was only one builder to call, John Bynum Custom Homes. After 7 years of enjoying our beautiful dream home, we look forward to the next project with John.”

– Tod & Beverly Ellison

“John, From the beginning, when I was still interviewing contractors you were the ONLY one who could see my vision and assured me that you could make it happen. Everyone else told me my hopes were not practical; they could not be done. I was told to give up on what I wanted. This was in part because of the difficulty involved in both the planning and executing of the work to be done. But you did your homework and immediately showed me proof (diagrams and models). I must admit, I was nervous at the time as I had lost trust in almost all of this particular service industry. I could have not been more wrong.

From start to finish, the attention to detail was amazing. Between you and your crew, someone was always present and hands on to get the job done and to work side by side with the subcontractors. No stone was left unturned.

For anyone who is interested in working with John Bynum, this is what I have to say . . . Do it!! You will not regret it. Long after the final payment is made and most have walked away, John continues to care about his work, his reputation, and the relationships he creates with his customers.

Thank you, John for restoring my faith. I am honored to be a recipient of a contractor with true morals and values who treated my home and family with great respect. What a privilege and to have a contractor who, more than a year after completion and final payments, is still concerned with my satisfaction! You care about your reputation and your clients; I felt that you were more concerned with the longevity of your work and the happiness of your clients rather than the paycheck.

I have recommended you to many friends and will continue to do so. I will be honored to serve as a reference for your future clients.

Overall, John, you have met and exceeded our expectations while demonstrating a strong work ethic, professionalism, and attention to detail. You have set the bar for others in the field and really exemplify the honest, reliable, kind, and knowledgeable contractor anyone could ask for.”

– Tonya Pettus

“If you are in the market for a skilled craftsman that will listen to your wants and needs and who will turn out a beautiful product in a timely manner, look no further. My wife and I would absolutely recommend John Bynum Custom Homes.”

– Terry Pylant, Partner at the architectural firm Historical Concepts

“We did a major home remodel in 2011. John Bynum was not only our contractor but personally designed our renovation project. I would like to share with you the qualities in John’s work and personality as a contractor that were most important to me.

John is professional in every way with the ability to relate on a personal level. He is even-tempered and regardless of the challenges, his patience never wavers. He is trustworthy and has made sure that his employees and sub-contractors are as well. In eight months there was never a problem in leaving John or his crew in my home alone. They went that extra mile to let my dog out while I was gone and always offered a hand even when it was not their responsibility.

We have done several similar projects in the past but with John I learned something new about sub-contractors that I had not realized in the past. John’s employees and subs have the utmost respect for him. They sing his praises. This creates a desire in them to do the very best job that they can possibly do. John’s approval is of the utmost importance to them and it clearly made a difference in everything that they did.

John is the first contractor that I have worked with who was also a designer. This meant there was no need to hire a designer and an architect. It also eliminated the miscommunications that can occur between the three. John had an amazing ability to see my vision. At times we used photos and at other times I could only describe to him what I had in mind. It was such a pleasure to watch him come to life as he quickly sketched exactly what I wanted. He made it easy, fun and exciting.

John’s passion is woodwork. This is another huge advantage in the Bynum package. Not only did he design the cabinetry but it was created in his own shop. The detail and craftsmanship were outstanding and the result exceeded our expectations.

I must add that the remodel project was completed exactly as scheduled. If ever there is another building or remodel project, John Bynum will be our man.”

– Dallie Turner

“We had the opportunity to first work with John on the first Southern Living Idea House, which had unique challenges and a very tight timeframe, it was evident that John and his team were well organized and with a very high caliber of quality in craftsmanship. John was always calm and steady under the pressure of the dynamics that building a custom home brings, focusing on the goal of completion with a quality end product. That experience led us to refer to John other custom home clients that have all had high expectations of a soundly built and finely finished home, knowing that we could do so with confidence that their expectations would be met. I know of only a very few contractors today who possess that ability today, and of those John is at the top of the list.”

– Mark & Andi Kendall

“Having John Bynum build my house was one of the “easiest” experiences I have ever had…and I have built homes before. He is extremely helpful and truly has great ideas for the design of things…both inside and outside the house. He custom made all of my cabinets and they are “one of a kind” beautiful. He is also easy to contact and returns phone calls…big plus!!!!”

– Stacey Bankston

“Six years ago my husband and I decided to move to Coweta County. We found a subdivision we both liked and John Bynum was the builder we chose to build our home. Since we have been in real estate for 20 years we knew lots of builders. We had seen John Bynum’s work and we were very impressed. He did not disappoint us. Our new home was very well built and working with John was a delight. Unlike most builders we have dealt with either personally or professionally, John really cares about what he does and making it a pleasant experience for the customer. We would recommend him to anyone in the market for a builder you can trust to listen to you on building your home. He is the best.”

– Lynn & Richard Kelley, Keller Williams Realty

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