Frequently asked Questions

1. What makes John Bynum Custom Homes different from other builders?

The main difference relates to our staff and design work. While we continue to utilize trusted sub-contract labor, we continue to fabricate the majority of our interior trim, cabinetry, millwork and specialty finishes on each project. If not previously provided by the customer, we design distinctive cabinetry and trim details to match the vision of each client. We control much of our finished product and with the talent of our on staff carpenters and cabinet makers we have the resources to produce details that are hard to replicate. While some builders shy away from complex design, we view it as a creative opportunity.

Southern Living Custom Builder Program

2. What does it mean to be in the Southern Living Builder Program?

It is a great honor to be in the Southern Living Builder Program. The program is a select group of builders around the south that has been assembled by Southern Living Magazine. It is limited to no more than 100 builders that represent fine craftsmanship, financial stability, and a solid reputation among clients and vendors in the community.

3. Does your company provide design services as well?

Yes, we provide design services at several levels or we are glad to work with your current plans, architectural firm or designer. My personal experience is in high end residential interior trim and cabinetry design. Kitchen and bath design and interior and exterior trim details are integrated into each project we pursue. We also provide complete architectural design by coordinating with several talented local architectural firms. You can see the influences of award winning Southern Architects such as Historical Concepts, Rhinehart Pulliam & Co., Bill Ingram Architect and L. Mitchell Ginn in our work.

4. Tell me about your location and woodworking facility.

Our Tyrone, Georgia location is a 6000 square foot office, showroom and production facility. The location not only serves as our office and home base, it houses all of our cabinet and woodworking machinery and personnel. We produce interior and exterior details, and fine cabinetry to all of our projects. We also serve the kitchen and bath remodeling market when called upon.

5. How does the cabinet and woodworking shop tie into your projects?

Our projects often include features that incorporate seamless fine cabinetry, mouldings, floor and ceiling details and finishes. We use our facility to produce these products and finishes with a quality that is difficult to match in the field. Our in house team takes each design concept to finished product without the interference of multiple vendors and sub-contractors. Our shop allows us to produce the precision cabinetry and architectural details found in the finest Southern Homes.

6. How much per square foot does it cost for one of your homes?

That is a question that requires much more information. Over the years, we have constructed homes that range from $200 to $500 per square foot. So, the question of how much does a home cost per foot is very similar to the question: How much does a new car cost? To determine that, you would have to answer questions such as What options would you like on the vehicle? Are you looking for basic transportation or do you want to ride in luxury? How fast do you want it to go? Pricing a home is similar to pricing a new car. Variables that greatly affect the square footage cost of home construction include amenities, amount of un-heated square footage such as garage size, porches, and basements, site improvements and landscape/hardscape requirements, and of course quality and price of finishes, fixtures, appliances, etc… Therefore, the square footage cost method is inaccurate and a poor approach to budget a home.

7. How can we find out if we can build a house that satisfies our lifestyle, dreams, and budget?

The only accurate method to come to the conclusion that a home will meet your needs and budget BEFORE construction begins is to enter into a design/build relationship. The process begins with finding and/or modifying an existing home plan or designing a plan from the ground up to fit your lifestyle. Next, we meet with the customer to discuss all requirements, options, and details that they wish to see in their new home. We basically build the home on paper before we put a shovel in the ground. Our process allows the customer to decide how and where they will spend their money, and eliminate or add options, square footage, or details to match their financial goal.

8. How many projects do you complete in a year?

We usually complete 5-6 projects per year, depending on the size and scope. The amount of detail we put into each project dictates a smaller amount of volume than most builders. We also match our work to our cabinet and shop production which we prefer to limit to fewer than 8 projects per year. This amount of volume allows us to provide each customer the amount of time and detail they deserve.

9. I’ve heard horror stories about building and remodeling. Should it be that hard?

No, it should be exciting, fun, and very educational. Most horror stories about building a home are due to poor processes, bad business decisions by the contractor, or unacceptable ethics. Many times, the builder chosen is not experienced in the level of construction that the customer expects. Maybe a good guy, but a bad fit for that particular job. This is the reason that researching a building firm is so important. A home is usually the largest single investment most people make. Taking time to find the right builder is well worth the effort.

10. How do I find the right builder for my project?

You should be very diligent in researching the right builder for your job. I would highly recommend that you speak with several past clients, tour at least one completed project that exemplifies the quality and level of detail you expect in your home, and ask previous customers about their experience during the construction of their home and the follow up after the sale. Our reputation is built on our customers and the long term relationships we have developed. So, please ask to see a project, speak to a few homeowners, and ask our trade partners about who we are and what makes us special. Building a home is a long term relationship, so be comfortable with your choice.

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